As you progress through the skill-building process, make sure you are testing your abilities on real-world projects that can make up your first portfolio. Practical experience is one of the most common qualifications for remote jobs. Hands-on training is a great way to enhance your skills and get work-from-home jobs without a GED, especially for those who want to pursue programming remote jobs that pay well without a degree or another tech job. Search for companies that provide quality training either online or on-site depending on your schedule. High-paying jobs without a degree are common in the tech industry, such as software engineers and web developers. The technical skills required for these entry-level tech jobs can be learned at top coding bootcamps in a matter of months.

You may click on this link for a search of all work from home jobs available on the AARP Job Board. Although you will be at home working alone, collaboration is still an important part of the skillset for working a remote job. Being accountable and able to keep team members adequately informed are highly valued skills in this environment. You might also need to collaborate with other departments, colleagues, or external business partners.

Organizational Skills

You may even find yourself qualified for a high-paying remote job without a degree. While online jobs without degree requirements are relatively rare, they are available to the right candidates. Below, you’ll find a list of the most in-demand and high-paying remote job skills. This is just to give you an overall idea of what skills are dominating the remote job industry, and you should not be aiming to learn any of these skills solely because they pay better. One of the most common misconceptions in the job market is the belief that a college degree is a non-negotiable requirement for securing a stable and well-paying job. However, we’re here to debunk this myth and show you that there are numerous remote work opportunities available to individuals without a degree.

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United Health Group is one of the employers recently seeking remote customer service representatives. If you’re looking for high-paying remote jobs without degree or experience requirements, your best bet may be to become a self-employed freelancer. Most companies nowadays lean heavily on the Internet for recruitment, with sites like LinkedIn and Indeed among the most popular destinations. But some online job boards specialize in remote job opportunities in high-paying industries. On Virtual Vocations, for example, there are listings for over 4,000 remote coding jobs, some of which do not require a four-year degree.

Best Remote Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree: A Closer Look

Thousands of companies around the world pay these remote employees to create high-quality writing content that authors may later use to build their portfolios and advertise their services. This job requires strong skills with numbers, with many employers placing a higher value on experience than on a college degree. Work at Home Vintage Experts, which specializes in placing older workers in remote jobs, recently had several openings.

  • This includes audio editing software, headphones, a good microphone, acoustic insulation, and a computer to keep the recording.
  • Click on the “Category” link (first column) to learn more about jobs that require no experience within that group.
  • For example, jobs that require expertise in a particular software program or those that require a certain level of education.
  • You can read all about the highest-paying remote jobs you can get without a degree below.
  • Language skills will be in high demand across many industries, including the medical sector, education and customer service, and the list goes on.